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Convenient, healthy, gourmet food delivered to your door

We know that life can get super busy so we can fill your freezer with beautiful meals ready for you to enjoy.

This is particularly popular with the older generation that need a little assistance or for professionals that don't have the time in the day to cook when they get home.

We can also cater for bespoke diets eg from a GP or a sports diet with high protein.

Our complete meals are no comparison to what you can buy in supermarkets. Using all natural ingredients and no additives, we offer a tasty and healthy option with weight and meat content that is much higher than the large chains offer.

If you have a loved one or someone close is shielding or isolating this could be a great solution.
We offer a personal service and  are happy to rotate your freezer when delivering to ensure that rotation of stock is controlled. You will find it it very satisfying and affordable