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Office & Contract

Workplace Catering Solutions, Board Lunches and Contract Catering with Staff Dining

We have vast experience in on site staff catering, boardrooms and Vending Services

We are happy to tender for your 'In House' requirements. We will certainly bring flair, innovation, commitment to you, as well as a well maintained HACCAP and Health and Safety regime. Our menus will be planned with seasonality, and a wide range of diversity through local suppliers to you. We can recognize our clients needs and can go further to exceed any expectations that they might have. We will be part of your business and through teamwork will grow strong with you.

We will serve great coffee, blended for you and can also offer an out of hours vending service if required.

Your offer will appeal to all walks of life and nationalities. We work closely with our clients and offer a Professional fully managed service. Our Chefs are all qualified with recognised trade certificates.

Your staff will have greater productivity when happy at work, so we are not happy until you are overwhelmed.

As we are not part of a national or worldwide consortium, we offer a very personal service to your business with regular communications with staff and client

How good is your 'In House' Caterer?

What do you actually get for your money?

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